Varkeo Chronicles - Episode 4

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Varkeo Chronicles Episode 4

Varkeo - Narrating (Bold)

Interpretations (Italic)

Note - Kinella Chronicles is now officially in Sync  with Varkeo Chronicles over on Dolls Alive!


Malissa had push my seat back and got completely on my cock until she swallowed it whole.


Varkeo: Oh Shit!


Malissa had devour my dick as though it was nothing.


Malissa: Welcome to Cover Doll ;)


She thrusted her hips back and over in this desk chair and there was no way in hell I could pull out of her with her weight on top. She and I were bound.


Malissa: Just relax...


Varkeo: Wha...What's Happening to me???




Malissa: ......It worked. 


Malissa takes the data out of Varkeo's Pocket and leaves.


Malissa: Like I said, I am NOT on your Contract.


Malissa: What the ??


Malissa Stares at Olivia and Kinella in the bath tub together. 


Malissa: Yuck, lesbians. As if we don't already have them in here.


Malissa: Time to get the hell out of here.


Malissa departs from the back of Varkeo Studios but is shot at point blank range

the moment she even exits the double doors.


Malissa: Wh..Why??


Monica: I'll be taking that! ;)


Monica @ Cops: Get her out of here!


The Cops Cuff Malissa and take her away to a sexy prison Jail For Naughty Cover Dolls.


Later on...


Varkeo: Wha?? What happened?


Monica: You were put to sleep with a needle pierced into your neck. And it seems your other "Dolls" didn't even noticed you wereout. They were "too busy" enjoying themselfs. 

Monica Rolls Her Eyes.


Monica: I think you will be wanting this. 


Monica Hands Varkeo back his Data.


Varkeo: She took this from me?


Monica: Apparently so, aside of her pretending to be a model, she is also a convicted criminal as well a theif. 


Varkeo: No Shit, no wonder why she wasn't on my contract. How easily she pursuade Olivia to let her "get by"


Monica: Well, I got more cases to deal with, I will interrogate her sometime later. 


Varkeo: Thanks Monica


Monica: Walks aways waving as she departs.


Varkeo:  Now that she is outta of the way, might as well go check on the other two to see what the hell are they doing.


Varkeo unlocks the Door. 


Varkeo: What the???


I had walked in on Olivia and Kinella fucking. 


-To Continued-







Wow! I really don't know how you do it :) Such a great story and outstanding art work :jawdrop: :) :) :)


CoverDoll Publisher To err is human to forgive divine.

Great pics and some teriffic imagination, thanks for another ace story  Vark.  :) 



I love the little dolls, they are so cool. Great work :) :)