December 2014 The Christmas Card


Important note:

The photos for this blog are the series e-f-g only!!
The photo series a-b-c-d I have decided to pass to Stellai’s blog of January 2015. This will become a kind of flashback report.

Stellai’s blog December 2014: The Christmas Card

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Dear readers,

As mentioned in my previous report, I has spend the last few weeks working to realize a more cheerful blog that the gloomy report I had to offer last time. I am most happy to report that almost fully succeeded, except of a few minor set-backs. But that was pretty much to be foreseen. Working with Koen always comes with set-backs. He will never cease to amaze me about the amount of uproar he can make over futilities. Usually caused by his own doing ( or the lack of it!). Also at some point he always wants me to terminate my project. But for that kind of occasion I have a special container with lubricant to create some tears in my eyes. Learned that trick from his daughters. ;)

Being an excellent photographer myself, I thought it to be a great idea to treat you with a personally made Christmas card photo.
Now, obviously I had no intention to trick you with the kind of simple Christmas card photos that Koen made of me during the last few years. Though I must admit that his scenery of last years Christmas photo shoot ( - Strawberry, Stellai?) was somewhat impressive. Though the pieces of fruit for that had been donated, of course! The thought of spending money himself...the horror! He did however make an effort to create a special Christmas dress. I was not my kind of dress, but...

Anyway, I wanted to keep it simple this month. As we all know that beauty is in simplicity. So the basic idea was to present to you this month one photo. One plain, simple, but beautiful Christmas card photo. Specially made for you by me. But alas! A few amongst us thrive on making life complex. Koen had decided to make photos of the whole process of me and Rosaleintje preparing and making the Christmas card photo and he has talked with my boss behind my back to get them published here. I know this because yesterday my boss told me that Koens photo series became better and better due to some liquid he referred to a ‘special blended malt whiskey’. Now this must really be some kind of magical computer screen cleaning fluid if it can make Koens snapshots look like quality pictures. So, unless you want to wrestle yourself through a shit load of crappy snapshots in this article, I suggest you now first clean your computer screen with some of that special blended malt whiskey liquid before you start watching the photos. If you do not have that some of that ‘special blended malt whiskey liquid’, but only normal computer cleaning fluid, then please accept my apologies for the photos. The only comfort I can offer that there is fortunately one properly made photo. And before you start to point to the photo above, let me assure you, that is not the one. That is in fact the most disastrous snapshot ever made by Koen. One he NEVER should have made!


Like in my previous report the images below are gif animations again. I have plead for you to Koen to speed them up, but he would not have it. He mumbled something about giving you time to study them. As if anybody would ever even consider doing that!

For the few amongst you that tend to agree that these pics are worth of studying, you can also find them in the album ( click on the image above). There you can see them in much better quality. And please do take a look there. I have a made a bet with Koen that my report alone will generate more hits than all hits to all of his snapshots together in the album. This may seem an awkward call to you, but I am trying to make it a little less obvious winning for me. LOL

The benefits of a workshop like we have it is that it is loaded with stuff. You name it, we have it! Of course it is a bit of a pity that most of the stuff is giant size, but otherwise it is doll heaven for handy dolls like me. So when Koen finally was satisfied in fulfilling his cleaning urge, I instantly moved on to the next part of my plan. This included the use of the old world map in Koens office. As I expected Koen instantly started to protest. But once I had explained my plan, he gave in, even before I had reached for my containers with lubricant tears. I am still not sure whether is was to avoid damage to his precious map or if he actually liked my plan, but fact is that the making of the scenery was done in a blink of an eye.

The weak spot in my plan – there always is a weak spot in a plan – was Rosaleintje. She is a gorgeous looking ScoonimDoll, state of the art, fully equiped and sexy looking especially in that Christmas babe outfit that I personally had made for her. And without a doubt she is the most fearless ScoonimDoll I ever have trained. She has a lot of nerves. A bit too much if you ask me. Up to being completely reckless. So, perfect for the little job I had in mind for her. But fact is that she is still a tgrainee, new and very much inexperienced. Even though I had made sure to have the biggest and softest giants pillow of our house for her to land on I had to keep in mind that she would not go for a second round if anything should fail. You cannot see it on photo, but I have spend a huge amount of time instructing her for the jump with the scooter.

The horizontal chord of the flashlight in the back of the first photo actually came down just after Rosaleintje had passed. I was sooo lucky. It could have ruined it all.

Now please read again the last line of my introduction of this article. And then watch the series below. I hope you then understand why the photo on top never should have been made. If Koen would not have interfered, yelling to Rosaleintje to look and wave to him too, this never would have happened. I know that Koen and I share the same brain. But clearly I got the more sensible half!

Important note:
Dear reader, for more than one reason you are strongly advised to close your eyes when watching picture 3 in the next series !

To make this photo nr 3 even more awkward Koen has added strings to it. As if Rosaleintje would in fact be just a puppet, hanging in the air when he made the photo. You know I love the guy, but sometimes Koens sense of humour is totally inappropriate.

How it is possible I still do not understand, but Rosaleintje survived her fall without even a single scratch. As if she had been carefully planted in that bucket. Ridiculous of course, because the images speak for themselves.

Well, that all for now folks. I have go, because there is some giant gnat with a beard and spectacles buzzing in around my head, complaining over a mess in a workshop. It seems i have to do some cleaning up.

I wish you all very pleasant celebrations and I hope you will all watch over one another. Especially watch over the MBs because they tend to get emotional during this period of the year and tend to fill themselves up with more food stuff and liquids than they can contain.

I hope to see you all again next month!


Stellai ...(^L^)...

When you have missed the second part of my Meeting report( UK/European Doll Meet Part-2) then you can use this link: - Stellai’s blog November 2014


What a way to launch the Holiday Season!Laughing

Hi Stellai, that was quite an amazing stunt you asked Rosaleintje to do. We are very happy that all went well with a happy end worth this time of the year. I hope you got away with your duty to clean up the mess. Brigitte, Martine and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


PS Please don´t share the trick with the liquid with Brigitte.Cry

Stellai and Rosaleintje,
my god, you're doing crazy stunts with the Santa present express there. What an acrobatic ride and fly!!!
Amazing story and animation, love it much!!

:D Guy :)

Woweeeeee! OMG! That is a real cliff hanger! What crazy stunts your girls pull off and you too Koen!

So much fun!

Thank you, thank you.

It is really nothing special. Just a matter of some good preparation and directing. But I am getting quite a hand of that. I think Koen is finally starting to understand that for a lot of tasks he can better depend on me than on himself ;)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Stellai ...(^L^)...

Ehh, Chris, about the liquid... I think Brigitte already knows! Sorry :(

What a great bog Stellai :). I hope you guys got round the world with all your presents, I think Santa needs to look out now :D :).


CoverDoll Publisher To err is human to forgive divine.

Wow, this looks like a great circus act :D

I'm happy no-one got hurt ;)

Happy New Year :)


Fantastic photo story! I love it!